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Business Insider CEO on the state of the mobile landscape

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We spoke exclusively to Henry Blodget, CEO of Business Insider, about a multitude of mobile topics. Here are the insights that will surprise you.

iMedia traveled to thinkLA's Mobile Breakfast to explore the state of the mobile landscape in depth and gain perspective from some of the industry's top leaders. Here's what Business Insider CEO Henry Blodget had to say about where things stand, how we arrived at this point, and the future of mobile usage.

Smartphone/tablet growth is rapidly slowing

In mature smartphone markets like North America and Europe, the flow of revenue is starting to lose steam. The demand in these markets is shrinking simply because smartphone usage is cresting. This is one of the big reasons we are starting to see smartphone manufacturers come out with cheaper, lower-end devices like the iPhone 5C. The shift will occur in emerging markets, where low to mid-priced smartphones will see an expansion. Samsung and Apple are shifting their focus to attack these markets.

Don't hold your breath for a "mobile-only" world

Mobile is massive, and it leads many people to believe that we will soon live in a world where all business and daily life is conducted on our smartphones, tablets, and wearables. While many functions will grow on these platforms, they will not have a monopoly on the tech world. According to Henry Blodget, the world is evolving to be a continuum of screens rather than a mobile takeover. Everything from the tiny Google Glass screen, right up to large TVs, is part of a system where we conduct life through interactive screens and devices, not just apps and smartphones.

iMedia's David Zaleski speaks to Henry Blodget about these trends in mobile and where the evolving landscape is leading us.