Bob Garfield

9 ways mobile rewards can increase brick-and-mortar sales

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At the end of the day, brands need consumers to buy products. Here are unique ways to leverage the power of mobile rewards to boost in-store purchases.

We traveled to thinkLA's Mobile Breakfast where we spoke with some of the top mobile innovators and marketers in the industry. One of them, Coco Jones, is the head of brand partnerships for the revolutionary mobile shopping application, shopkick. Shopkick is an innovative rewards-based mobile app which incentivizes consumers to enter stores by offering "kicks" -- its virtual reward currency. Customers earn kicks a variety of ways, ranging from making actual purchases to simply walking into stores. It's a strategy that has produced an amazing lift in sales for huge brands like Target, Macy's, Best Buy, and many more. Here are the ways a simple reward-based mobile strategy can help your brand engage consumers and increase in-store sales.

Increase foot traffic by offering rewards and redemptions

Every brand with a physical presence is looking for ways to increase foot traffic. It's a huge challenge with no clear solution. However, offering some kind of currency or reward to customers for simply showing up in stores has proven tremendously successful. Since most consumers are mobile users, brands have a great opportunity to incentivize shoppers or even gamify the experience.

Increase likelihood of consumers making unplanned purchases

Offering sales and promotions is a good step in trying to lift the sales for one or more particular products, but you should be thinking more broadly than that. If you can get shoppers in your store and engage them on mobile, they will linger longer than a simple sale would have kept them there. This increases the possibility of unplanned purchases, which is always a win.

Expose consumers to new products and services

Variety is the spice of life, and in stores it's an asset for generating extra revenue from shoppers. The biggest challenge is turning customers on to a new product or service. Mobile rewards are a great way to nudge a shopper into trying new things. If marketers do this strategically, they can lead a consumer down a new unique purchase funnel for a variety of different products every time.

Coco Jones speaks to iMedia about shopkick and how the company is defining the future of rewards-based commerce.