5 marketing terms that will be dead in 5 years

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Digital marketing is a dynamic industry. New concepts and terms are always being born, and others are always dying. Ad technologies, companies, social platforms -- you name it. The constant births and deaths in digital marketing are the most interesting, exciting, and terrifying part of this profession, and they keep us on our toes.

5 marketing terms that will be dead in 5 years

That said, the language of marketing tends to evolve at a much slower pace than the industry itself. Sure, we like to make up new words and concepts at a regular interval, but we have a much harder time doing away with outdated and irrelevant marketing terms. We keep certain concepts around well past their expiration date, sometimes out of habit, but oftentimes out of fear of what comes next.
In this article, I present five marketing terms that will have become wholly irrelevant in five years -- and arguably have already started their decline in usefulness. Do you have other death-bed terms to add to this list? Please do so in the comments below. Think I'm wrong on any of these? Please set a calendar reminder for 2019 and get back to me to discuss.



HAMADOUCHE Mohand July 7, 2014 at 8:49 AM

Your dream ... the death of black hat SEO .... It is not that it will happen soon!

Tony Thornby
Tony Thornby June 23, 2014 at 3:12 PM

I so help you're right about 'Social Media'. I think the term is so confusing and misleading for many business owners. Usually when people talk about social media they mean social networks (e.g. Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and Facebook). The latter gives the correct understanding that interchange is required, while the former can easily be misunderstood as a one-way publishing process.