Idiots that forced brands to pull their sponsorships

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Whether you're a celebrity or an owner of a company or struggling startup, you need to make a number of people happy: your consumers or fans, your employees, and -- perhaps most importantly -- your sponsors. Getting a big sponsorship is heavily tied to reputation management and increasingly online reputation management. One wayward tweet could mean your biggest (or only) sponsor pulls the plug.

Take a look at Stephanie Rice, an Olympic gold medalist swimmer who scored a lucrative sponsorship from Jaguar. However, four years ago she made an anti-gay slur (the other "F-word") on Twitter and Jaguar immediately severed ties with her. Jaguar doesn't take such indiscretions laying down, also dropping Ian Roberts, a previous rugby celeb, after he made the same slur when tweeting about a Wallabies defeat.

Here are a few more sponsorship losses due to sheer stupidity. No matter who you are or where your company stands, remember that one wrong move can cost everything.