The 8 best brands on Tumblr

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It seems like the phrase "content is king" was made expressly for social media. You'd be hard pressed to find a place that's more evident than on Tumblr, where content is not only king, but the entire kingdom.

The 8 best brands on Tumblr

For all of the uniqueness of Tumblr, including a terminology all its own, its popularity is grounded in its ability to efficiently serve up engaging content. Because of that, Tumblr has become a place where visitors spend an inordinately large amount of time.

Internet users, studies show, spend a surprising 14 minutes more per Tumblr visit than they do with either Facebook or Twitter. Tumblr is becoming an increasingly popular destination, growing by 74 percent in the 2013 alone. But despite this activity, it hasn't seen large-scale brand adoption. Only 31 of the top 100 Fortune 100 brands are currently using the platform.

It's hard to believe a site with more than 164 million blogs and 72 billion posts could fly under the radar to this degree. But then, marketers are a relatively cautious bunch. Part of their hesitation could be linked to the level of commitment that a Tumblr campaign requires. To use it, and use it well, brands must provide new, interesting, and engaging content on an ongoing basis.



Justin Belmont
Justin Belmont July 15, 2014 at 5:15 PM

Tumblr is so immensely popular that it is essential for brands to get involved. However, you are correct to say that Tumblr is all about relevance. Here at, we have a Tumblr of our own, and it is a challenge to consistently update it. However, we also trust in the effectiveness of Tumblr as a social platform, so it's worth the occasional difficulties! Nice post!