Beyond the Swoosh

Beyond the Swoosh
June 23, 2004
Nike campaign is a mix of video, gaming and Flash that entertains and sells.
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Client: Nike
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The Panel

This execution blew me away and is a solid example of why I love advertising. The mix of video, gaming, and high-end Flash navigation allows for educational entertainment and an effective time-wasting experience. Nike Lab is a place where users can engage with rich graphics and sound yet go beyond the walls of a pushed 30-second spot to interact with their products. One quick note on distribution, the launch site was initially killed by my pop-up blocker, so a different host or delivery mechanism should be investigated.
-- Sean Finnegan, Digital Client Communications Director, OMD

I loved slot-car racing when I was a kid. In fact, I thought Christmas would never come the year I knew I would get my first track and cars. But I felt that same child-like (childish?) impatience while waiting for this creative to get to the point. The whole Vapor Station thing is nice enough with its hot graphics and great music -- but it took longer than Santa Claus to get to the fun stuff.

Once it did, however, this creative rocked! The visuals were smokin’ hot. I loved the gaming approach -- it really worked and sucked me in. It made real the analogy of Nike shoes to race cars, which is cool positioning, and it used the Internet’s immersion and interaction strengths to full advantage. It’s just a shame that getting to such incredible stuff required so much patience.
-- Lee Watters, Executive Editor

One could easily argue that the most innovative brand on the web to date has been the almighty Nike. With NikeLab the bar continues to be raised. Since its launch the site continuously reinvents itself and, much to the appreciation of the interactive design community, features some of the most respected and innovative artists around.

The current iteration of the lab really centers around the much discussed Art of Speed project. With its 3-D interface featuring video pieces from top notch motion designers, the piece is truly inspiring. The motion design work within the individual pieces vary greatly in style and presentation while remaining true to the Nike mission given to each artist.

My only criticism of the project is that while the 3-D light tunnels and sci-fi clean room motif are kinda cool, they almost serve as a bit of a barrier to the phenomenal content available deeper within. Perhaps if the space were a bit more interactive allowing the user to move within it or to control their flight within the tunnels then I would have nothing to say but "Wow!"
--  Adam Boozer, Sr. Creative Director, IQTV

How many different ways can I say "great"? The creative is exceptional in pulling in the consumer, giving a 360 degree look and "feel" of the shoe. With each area I explored I wanted to increasingly explore the other areas.  The creative had defendable product differences, unique consumer benefits, and was highly successful in raising my interest in the shoe. Congrats!
-- Jason Kelley, Media Director, Real Branding

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