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What's on the horizon for our industry? Here's a huge market that's about to explode.

The connected car: Why the automotive industry is ready for digital

This year, the industry production for automobiles will top 16.5 million, and the average age of U.S. cars will top 11 years. What does this mean? That millions of Americans will be in the market for a new automobile in the next few years. This market is about to explode, and with new cars being rolled out, it presents huge opportunities for marketers. The fact is, the automotive world is ready for digital primetime. We are already seeing many models being rolled out with digital features -- everything from internet hotspot connectivity to interactive touchscreen dashboards. Could the connected car become the new smartphone? It just might, as they share some qualities. Everyone has them, and everyone spends copious amounts of time with them. Full-sized pick-ups are aging in the market, and luxury cars are on the rise. If current trends continue, by 2020 all cars will have internet access. Advertising in automobiles is about to break out of the chains of radio that it has been shackled to since the 20th century.

iMedia traveled to thinkLA's Automotive Breakfast and spoke with Jim Baudino, engagement marketing manager for Toyota Motor Sales, about why the car business is about to be redefined.