Lessons from the world's biggest branded video event -- ever

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While Germany took home the World Cup, it wasn't the only winner. This year's World Cup is the single biggest branded video event to date, reaching 671.6 million views as of the final day of the tournament.

That level of viewership is simply astounding. To put it in perspective, 671.6 million views is equivalent to 8 percent of the total branded video views in 2013. The World Cup has 30 percent more views than the 2014 Super Bowl, which was the most-viewed branded video event, with 516.2 million views, until the end of June.

For the third month running, the iMedia Brands in Video chart shows just how much the World Cup has dominated the branded video universe. Eight of the 10 brands included on the June list created and released tournament themed campaigns. Seven of those brands -- Nike, Samsung, adidas, Beats by Dre, Kia, McDonald's, and Coca-Cola -- were on the Visible Measures list of the top 10 most-viewed World Cup brands.

Nike tops the June chart with 123.7 million views. The apparel brand increased its views 136 percent from May and moved up one spot from the month prior. While Nike had more than 65 campaigns generating views during the month, it was the performance of its World Cup campaigns that made its viewership nearly double that of the next brand on the list.

It was Nike's "The Last Game" that contributed the most to the success of the brand in June. Garnering 83.8 million views, the animated short starring some of the biggest names in soccer accounted for 68 percent of Nike's views for the month.

By the end of the tournament, "The Last Game" had more than 97 million views, which made it the second most-viewed campaign of the World Cup. It was only bested by "Risk Everything," another Nike campaign that generated 20.5 million views in June and more than 124 million overall since its release.

With numbers like that, it shouldn't be a surprise that Nike was also the most-viewed brand of the whole tournament, with 240.6 million views (half of which were garnered in June) across eight campaigns.

Samsung, like Nike, managed to dominate the World Cup video conversation, despite the fact that it was not an official sponsor of the event. The brand was the second most-viewed in June with 62.5 million views. Overall, the electronics maker drew 124.3 million views from its World Cup campaigns, making it the second most-viewed campaign of the tournament, as well.

Samsung's most popular campaign of the month was also the third most-viewed World Cup campaign -- "Galaxy 11: The Training." The campaign sets up a story in which 13 of the world's most popular soccer players must save Earth from an alien invasion. It accumulated more than 25 million views in June and 74.5 million views overall.

The third most-viewed brand in June, adidas, was again the third most-viewed brand of the whole tournament. In June, it brought in 45.4 million views, which is about half of its total World Cup viewership.

The apparel brand, and official sponsor of the World Cup, produced nine campaigns for the tournament, the most of any brand. It's most successful campaign in June was "House Match," starring David Beckham, Zidane, Bale, and Lucas Moura, which drove more than 18 million views for the brand.