8 reasons to love the ad industry right now

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Video advertising is killing it

According to the Adap.TV + Digiday 2013 Q4 "State of the Video Industry Report," 86 percent of brands anticipate an increase in video ad spend in 2014. That's because people love watching video. The report goes on to say that:

  • Sixty percent of buyers will be purchasing programmatically across all screens in 2014
  • Seven out of 10 agencies are buying mobile video today
  • CPMs have risen 7 percent YOY; inventory availability also has increased by more than 33 percent

The trick with video ads, like with viral ads, is to focus on great, shareable content first and then pay for it to be seen. I think of it as pushing a boat from a stream to a river to an ocean. Every video starts in the stream but wants to get to the ocean.

So you pay to push it as far down the stream as makes budgetary sense. If people like it, they'll share it for free -- and free costs nothing.

People think you're cool

The average guy or gal's perception of the ad industry is that it's a very cool place to be. And it is. People in advertising right now are living through and helping initiate an epic transformation in how products are discovered, bought, and sold. There's never been a time where ad folks have had greater opportunities to be more creative and have a greater impact on the world, across more mediums, whether you're an advertiser, an agency, a creative, in media planning, ad tech, or any other part of the industry.

OK, so you don't get to smoke cigarettes and drink martinis all day, but our new offices have a keg on tap, you can drink all the coffee you want, and marijuana's practically legal in Los Angeles, so maybe that'll become the face of the new Mad Man or Woman -- drunk, wired, and stoned.

How cool are you?

I was actually at Best Buy the other day getting my laptop fixed by the Geek Squad (awesome name and branding). The Geek asked what I do, and when I said I run an online ad agency, he was very interested.

Soon the whole store gathered around and listened, as I told tall tales of advertising lore. They dimmed the lights, gave me a microphone, and broadcast me on the video wall. I look particularly handsome on the Samsung models...just saying.



Tom Goodwin
Tom Goodwin August 13, 2014 at 9:07 AM

"because people love watching video" does not equal "people love watching video ads"