6 people on LinkedIn you should follow

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What kind of LinkedIn'er are you? Do you set it and forget it for the day when you may actually start looking for a job? Or do you stir constantly, with an always-on consumption and update of projects, skills, and shared articles? LinkedIn wants you to be the latter, as it increases its aspirations of changing the way members see its service. LinkedIn wants you in the feed, sharing, writing, and commenting on your professional life the same way you do with your personal life on other networks.

6 people on LinkedIn you should follow 

To this end, one tactic LinkedIn has used is creating an ever-evolving, invite-only collection of influencers who share thoughts and insights on their relative industries and specialities. Some of these are the usual suspects like Richard Branson, Guy Kawasaki, and Arianna Huffington, but there are others who may be more difficult to find, but offer tip-worthy advice worth seeking out.

So, if you are in marketing or advertising, here are six influencers to follow on LinkedIn (that you may have never heard about).