5 popular cloud technologies that once failed

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It's no secret that everyone is embracing cloud/shared technology from the Department of Defense (DOD) to every single startup. It's a great way to lower overhead costs, increase flexibility (in some cases offer a plethora of telecommuting options), and supposedly enhance security. However, not all sharing technologies are created equal, and you can't assume that just because there's a big name behind a service means it's the most secure. There's no getting around it -- you have to do your homework if you're going to go into the cloud.

5 popular shared technologies that once failed

In the beginning of any technology, there are going to be kinks and bugs to work out. Knowing the past failures of some of the most popular technologies can help you see the flaws and also gauge whether or not you think an option is secure enough for you and your business. There are ways to optimize your security, but there are also times when certain marketers in key industries can be a little more lax.

Here are some of the most popular sharing technologies available today, how they've failed, and a guide to whether or not they're now a good option for you and your business.