The unstoppable power of strong women in branded video

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Last month, we revealed that the World Cup was officially the biggest branded video event of all time. While the tournament only lasted for four weeks -- from mid-June to mid-July -- it dominated the world of branded video for the past four months.

Brands that advertised during the event lead the July iMedia Brands in Video chart, with big-time tournament advertisers Samsung, Nike, and adidas taking the top three spots, respectively. However, the influence of World Cup brands on the list is far less than it was in June.

Last month, eight of the top 10 brands had made investments in the World Cup. This month, it was only half of that. Additionally, viewership of the top 10 brands decreased by 23 percent from June to July. The top brand last month, Nike, had more than 123.7 million views, whereas this month's top brand, Samsung, had 96.7 million views.

For big events that take place over many days, it is the lead up and beginning of the event that drives the most viewership. Is that simply because more brands launched content during this period? Possibly. But it's more likely a result of the anticipation leading up to the event and the excitement of a global audience in the early days of a tournament when all countries are still playing.

While the World Cup played a huge role in July's branded video story, it was Always that really dominated headlines during the month. The feminine care brand's 39 million views are the result of one campaign: "#LikeAGirl."

The video, which debuted at the end of June, aims to dispel the idea that doing something "like a girl" is cause for mocking. In the first part of the ad, men and women are asked to run, punch, and throw "like a girl," and they do what you might expect by performing the tasks in an idiotic and mocking fashion.

Then young girls are asked to perform the same actions. They do them without the exaggeration that the adults imbued in their runs, punches, and throws; they simply run, punch, and throw like any other person.

The uplifting video, helmed by documentarian Lauren Greenfield ("Queen of Versailles") has garnered more than 52 million views and 1.2 million social interactions. In addition, it spent six weeks on the Ad Age Viral Video Chart, during several of which it held the top spot.

"#LikeAGirl" is indicative of a great trend of female empowerment. Over the past year, we've seen a number of brands attempt this type of messaging.