Bob Garfield

3 reasons signed-in users are replacing cookies

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In the world of mobile and big data, cookies are quickly fading away. Here's why some of today's biggest brands are saying farewell to traditional tracking methods.

In a world of cross-device usage, cookies don't help marketers deliver consistent targeting

The digital world is more complicated than ever before. Desktop is no longer king; we live in a time in which every person is connected at every moment through an ecosystem of touchscreen devices. In fact, this transition has occurred so quickly that brands and marketers have not been able to fully catch up. The scary thing is that consumers are not going to wait for the industry to get it together before they explore, shop, and buy products online. Marketers are quickly learning that trying to make cookies work across all devices will continue to be a long and arduous technological undertaking. They need new methods for tracking consumers from device to device. Cookies just aren't cutting it.

In a world where marketers swim in a world of big data, few are as knowledgeable in deciphering this landscape as Will Pate, VP of digital at m2. He speaks with iMedia about how the industry must approach the litany of big data opportunities and be selective in its analysis channels. Are you wasting too much time analyzing data points that don't matter?