The 8 fastest ways to make consumers hate your brand

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Brand equity by definition is the measure of trust built up over time through an interconnected series of favorable actions. This equity, often amounting to billions in added profit, is what separates a branded product from its generic rival. Ironically, what took years to build can be destroyed (or at least severely damaged) in an inglorious burst of branded incompetency.

The 8 fastest ways for consumers to hate your brand

Recognizing that brands have sabotaged themselves since the days of Noah via a host of slowly eroding sins, the purpose of this article is to put the spotlight on the flash faux pas that instantaneously dissolves loyalty and ignites brand hatred. This hatred, often expressed with the exclamatory #EpicFail on social media, is typically motivated by one of the following sinful ineptitudes. Some of these might seem laughable unless, of course, they've happened to you.