School of Porsche

School of Porsche
December 01, 2004
Online video teaser for Porsche's 911 Carrera shows the brand's allure.
Creative Notes
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Campaign Details
Client: Porsche
Technology Vendor: Eyewonder, Inc.
Campaign Insight

Porsche has a history of exceptional advertising that magically captures and reinforces the allure of their automobiles. Their tagline, “There is no substitute”, has become a modern classic, immortalized in print, TV and even film. This rich advertising history continues with the debut of the latest model from Stuttgart.

With the launch of the all new 911 Carrera, Porsche’s agency was tasked with once again communicating the magical allure of their cars. A lavish 3-minute film was produced, featuring a schoolboy whose inability to focus on anything after the new 911 drives past his classroom window, leads him to his local Porsche dealership where he makes a solemn vow (watch and you will see). This video became the centerpiece of its own webpage on Porsche’s site, and now the agency needed a way to maximize traffic to this online promotional film.

Fortunately, the agency knew that EyeWonder’s instant streaming video ads featured superior video quality, the largest video windows and fastest load times – all in one package. They edited the most compelling 15-second segment from the film and ran three large EyeWonder Video Banners (300x250, 336x280 and 300x400) across the most relevant auto-enthusiast sites. The call to action was simple and inviting: “The new 911 Carrera. Curious?”

This teaser video ad campaign was a success across all the sites. Over 5 million video ad impressions were delivered, with full view rates as high as 82 percentand CTRs as high as 1.22 percent! EyeWonder’s exceptional video ad quality proved the perfect vehicle for Porsche’s magical message.
-- Jason Scheidt, director of marketing, EyeWonder, Inc.

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The Panel

Using digital as a way to beckon us into deeper experience and relationship is generally smart. Smart when you can offer intrigue or value exchange in the form of entertainment, information or emotion. I don't think this particular piece delivers on any of that. Using a rather worn narrative of the making of driving us to introspective memories about the dreams of our childhood, feels more like a 60's Buick spot than something a brand like Porsche should put on the table.

The structure could work, but in this case, trying to create a tease to click on a :15 cut to see the 3+ minute version is ends up being very flat. The opening slate "Curious about the new 911 Carrera. Watch." might make me look at what is next, but I am not sure that the scenes shown create any intrigue that can create real momentum. Sure, I may click on it if I have some time, but the thought feels complete in the :15, the aspirational gaze does not  the longer piece that I am supposed to want to go see. The video itself has nicely shot and edited and the Eyewonder delivery is 1st rate.

TV is dead? Not really, we can come up with short films, put our brand in it, stick it on the Web and call it an idea. With all the tools, techniques and creative ways to create great and involving brand experiences, we need great ideas that drive the solutions and tactics. This one feels like the tactics/solutions/opportunity drove the need, and that may be what we as creatives need to step back and ask, just because I can do it, should I?

Moving images and our fascination with them predate the Kinetescope, and this ad for Porsche feels like it is more amazing that pictures move, than it is about ideas that move me.
-- Glen Sheehan, Creative Director North America, Digital Y&R Brands/Team Microsoft

Think sexy, classy, first class; Think Porsche. This video banner ad utilizes instant streamlining to convey a message. The beauty of the way that this video was conceptualized is that its creator made it more about everything that goes on around us, such as gazing out the window, the echo of the school bell, the chatter of surrounding classmates, which in turn forced the viewer like the child to leave those things behind and lose yourself in the idea of driving a Porsche. There is a particular creative eye that chooses a very ordinary suburban street to put such a spectacular piece of metal. As the Porsche rounds the corner suddenly everything disappears. Eyewonder is truly masterful in conveying its anticipated message. The voiceover poignantly reiterates every child’s dream in just as solid and convincing of a voice as is the car itself. The picture has without a doubt been successfully painted.

Although, a solid campaign, my fear is two-fold. The initial is that so much focus is put on being a child and dreaming like a child, while many of the target consumers may create a disconnect. Understanding quite clearly that this may be every boy’s dream, not every man wants to equate their likes and dislikes to that of a child. Secondly, video streamlining can be dangerous as not all computers and browsers are properly updated.  It is a shame to have these creative campaigns in a format that many times may not translate to every computer, therefore leaving the potential buyer frustrated and unwilling to continue seeking the quick fix to view the short film.

With that said, Eyewonder has nevertheless proved very capable of creating moments that capture the eyes and ears of its target audience. I commend them on a beautiful ad demo and only hope that they continue their creativity in other realms of advertising and media.
-- Rochelle Webb, Vice President of Marketing, Classic Entertainment, LLC


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