All-Wheel Web

All-Wheel Web
January 27, 2005
Audi's interactive weather dial promotes the Quattro as a car for every season.
Creative Notes
Not Firefox compatible.
Campaign Details
Client: Audi Motors
Creative Agency: Mckinney & Silver
Technology Vendor: PointRoll Inc.
Campaign Insight
We were looking for a way to support Audi Quattro’s position as the best all-wheel drive car in the category among our target consumers. The PointRoll ad unit allowed us to deliver a multi sensory experience where the user could actually operate the car in varying road conditions such as a thunderstorm or snowy day. The interactivity of the ad unit appealed to the user and delivered a relevant sensory experience. The campaign results have been great with an Interaction Rate double the industry average.
-- Erin Bredeman, Mckinney & Silver
Editor's Note
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The Panel

It's unfair, really. Long hip to the fact that their customers do heavy online research, the automotive industry makes web development a priority, leapfrogging virtually every other category in concept and execution. Even picking a few brands at random, recent new model launch sites from Toyota, Ford, VW, and yes, Audi have set the bar very, very high.

Which makes this PointRoll unit all the more disappointing. It's not that it's bad, exactly; in fact, compared to your average banner, it's quite decent. But the miss is that is that it doesn't really demonstrate anything. I choose road conditions and the car passively putts along the same path. oblivious. I'm not pulled into the Audi driving experience. I don't imagine myself at the wheel, loving my Audi's superior handling. I'm just bored.

Interface issues compound the problem. I was unable to figure out what the unlabeled slider at the bottom right actually did, and clicking the "?" (which suggests help, not info) brought back the opening animation.

In the end I was left mildly frustrated, teased by shallow interactivity, and with no deeper understanding of the car's benefits. I know how an Audi A8 should feel, and this banner just isn't up to that standard.
-- Doug Fitzsimmons, Creative Director, Tribal DDB Los Angeles

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