How Blogs Influence Purchase Decisions

The following is from our SIMM VI database of over 14,000 respondents displaying the differences in the influence of blogging directly on purchase decision to eat out, telecom services, medicines, car and truck, home improvement, grocery, apparel/clothing and electronics.

Dollar General and Dollar Store are two distinct discount retail chains where most items sell for $5.00 or less.

Overall, for Dollar Store customers, blogging has greater influence than Dollar General bloggers on their purchase. Blogging has greatest influence on Dollar General customers in purchase decisions regarding home improvement, electronics, telecom services and grocery, compared to Dollar General customers. Blogging has very little influence on purchase decision in almost every category, but it does compare favorably on eating out. The above data can start to chart the potential power of the new media influence on concrete purchase decisions by retail channels. Media planning and ROI elements by retail channel are important to retailers and manufacturers.

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