iMedia Podcast: Branding with IM

Teenagers will confirm that the most popular and always-on communication channel today is Instant Messaging (IM). Only recently have brand marketers discovered the tricks to leveraging this channel.

Today's session showcases two of the year's most successful IM campaigns: "American Idol" and Unilever's new brand Axe.

Marketers for "American Idol" found that IM connected their target audience with their brand even when the show wasn't on. MECA Communications created a fully branded application that allowed fans to personalize their IM interface with content and graphics.

Axe, Unilever's new deodorant brand, commissioned two regular guys named Evan and Gareth to create video clips taken over their five-month trip cross country "to get the girl." Axe's goal in distributing the videos was to reach the elusive young male segment in a manner as non-traditional, offbeat and as clever as the videos themselves. Axe partnered with Xfire, whose young male audience spends 85 hours per month using the Xfire videogame application, to make the videos available to subscribers of Xfire’s Cool Movies channel. The results were impressive: the total number of videos downloaded in less than two months was over 550,000; 51 percent of the Xfire audience stated their intention to purchase an Axe product; and when the audience was asked, “Do you think Axe will help you get the girl?” 38.7 percent were certain it would.

The thought leaders behind both case studies walk you through the advertising strategy, target market, product development, technology and execution that contributed to accomplishing the brands' goals.

Special Note: This presentation included a PowerPoint slideshow that is available at the La Quinta Summit presentation archive.

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Andre Mahoney, marketing manager USA, Axe, Unilever
Bob Kimball, president and CEO, MECA Communications
Mike Cassidy, CEO, Xfire

Kevin Ryan, iMedia search editor and managing partner, Kinetic Results.

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