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I have always believed that one either manages their email list properly or does not. No grey areas, just right or wrong. In the case of your email house list, you generally know the answer. However, when it comes to renting an outside list, you do not know whether the list is a finely tuned acquisition machine or the vehicle in which your next nightmare is going to be delivered.

Mind you, knowing the difference between a good permission-based prospecting list and a ticking bomb is not easy. As a result, many media buyers are afraid to even go near this channel. However in my book, this means nothing but opportunity for those who are not easily intimidated and are willing to do their homework.

I can tell you from experience that when you do find the right list it's like nothing else in online media. You select the file, run your segmentation and prepare your best offer-- moments later customers are walking in your virtual door. Customers on demand! The Email Marketing Cheat Sheet is iMedia's way to help this select group of media buyers get started.

Here is a list of email marketing firms covered, in alphabetical order by company name:

While this list is a good start, it is not exhaustive by any means. There are far too many other email marketing companies-- some of whom we invited to participate in this special In Focus feature but could not reach by press time. Also, this is not an endorsement of the companies listed. It is merely a grouping of fast facts from some of the top list firms to help you determine if they might be suitable for your needs.

So let's get started!

Author Notes:
Michael Mayor is co-author with Matt Blumberg of "Sign Me Up: A marketer's guide to creating email newsletters that build relationships and boost sales." Currently Mayor is SVP of strategic business development at Aptimus, Inc., which provides an online lead generation network that leverages performance-based advertising to generate leads and acquire customers for advertisers and publishers.