Podcast: Dealing with Growing Pains

With increasing budgets, growing respect and advancing technology, our industry should be in a state of bliss. But with maturity comes growing pains. Revlon's Web Manager Angie McSwain talks about these issues and how her company is dealing with them.

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Kevin Ryan, Search Editor, iMedia Communications

Angie McSwain, Web Manager, Revlon

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Show Notes:
  1:55 Challenge: how do you move past the "putting out fires" stage?
  4:12 Do the resources match up with the budget shifts?
  5:27 What needs to happen as an industry to match budget with resources?
  5:40 More studies, hard numbers
  6:20 Online is being held to a higher standard
  6:58 There are benefits from being under the radar
  7:48 Defining success of an online initiative
  9:18 This is the year of better understanding data
11:25 Goal: make every consumer touchpoint have a consistent message
12:30 How to translate brand experience from TV to online world
15:15 DR aids in targeting

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