Podcast: Cirque de Soleil on the Web

Cirque de Soleil has embraced the web as a medium through which it can recreate the immersive feel of the actual experience. Stacy Spahle speaks with Kevin Ryan about the way that she has used online to better promote the product.

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Kevin Ryan, managing partner, Kinetic Results

Stacy Spahle, marketing manager, Cirque du Soleil (US)

17:33, 6.55 MB, MP3

Show Notes:
1:42 Translating Cirque de Soleil into another medium, aka the internet
3:03 The challenge of creating a distinct identity for each Cirque de Soleil show
4:34 Using the web to distinguish the different shows
5:52 The best tools to promote a campaign (Flash and video)
7:20 Focus on ROI to gauge success of campaign
8:01 Use of audience segmentation tools in conjunction with BT and search
9:47 The tried and true methods of reaching the audience-- timing
13:40 Targeting the right audience for a given product

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