April 13, 2006  |  Beverly Hills, California
Published: April 13, 2006
Mobile as a Marketing Research Tool

MarketTools' Heidi Dickert and Warner Bros.' Abe Recio introduce a mobile marketing research tool that targets the on-the-go consumer.

Capturing the attention and participation of consumers for traditional market research has become increasingly difficult. As consumers become more mobile, they have less time and patience for on-site intercepts and internet-based market research surveys.

A mobile-based application is a promising solution because it complements today's active consumer lifestyle. However, there have been barriers. Until now, SMS and WAP Browser applications have collected research data, yet these applications are limited in the types of data collected and are challenging for consumers to use. 

MarketTools has developed and tested a mobile research service and panel to learn about potential usage applications for mobile research technology. It tested consumer usability and data validity within the mobile medium among a sample of mobile movie-goers. MarketTools and Warner Bros. compared the relative strengths and weaknesses between MarketTool's mobile panel and Warner Bros.' on-site intercepts. Warner Bros. offered insight regarding the moviegoer population and was also instrumental in designing the survey instrument.

Today's session will explore key learnings about the process, demographics and results of this innovative movie-goer survey.

Heidi Dickert's Bio: Heidi Dickert utilizes her 15 years of international consumer and B2B research experience to develop products and consumer panels that are at the foundation of all market research projects conducted by MarketTools. ZoomPanel Mobile, MarketTools' mobile exploration path, is one of the three product areas she has nurtured from conception. Prior to joining MarketTools, Dickert led both new and established brand research groups for the flagship laundry brands at Clorox.

Abe Recio's Bio: Abe Recio has worked in the entertainment industry for several years on both the client and supplier sides. Currently, Recio is vice president of market research (domestic theatrical) for Warner Bros. Pictures. His work involves the conception, execution and analysis of research for the full slate of movies being developed and marketed at Warner Bros. Pictures. Before joining Warner Bros. Pictures, Recio was a senior analyst at MarketCast, an entertainment market research firm.


Presenter: Heidi Dickert, Vice President, New Products & Business Development, MarketTools, Inc.; Abe Recio, Vice President, Domestic Theatrical Market Research, Warner Bros. Pictures

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