Build Your Brand Through Social Networking

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Many companies think of the internet like television: consumers are expected to sit patiently and absorb the branded message, and then act accordingly. Now, with the rise of a combination of technologies called Web 2.0, the internet is much more than a broadcast channel.

With the ever-increasing social use of the web, websites are becoming venues for discussion of ideas, opinions and transactions. Social networking is the framework in which these conversations happen. Our challenge as marketers is to leverage the power of these new social networks to create innovative brand experiences.

Take a look at how you can create these experiences for your customers.

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Author Notes:
Steve Mulder is principal consultant in user experience at Molecular and Evan Gerber is a user experience consultant at Molecular. Read full bio here.


Rosie Bell
Rosie Bell September 3, 2008 at 11:07 AM

I agree Steve, consumers are increasingly expecting to be able to communicate with a brand via comments, forums, blogs etc. It is now vital that brands leverage the power social media has to create an engaging environment for their consumers.
Here at we understand the brands need to build social networks in order to engage and communicate with their audience, taking advantage of Web 2.0 tools. We have created brandstation- a social networking solution that comes with ready-made core functionality and a fully customizable interface. Brandstation provides an engaging user experience, prompts effective communication and provides Web 2.0 social networking tools, with access to personalised and targeted content.
By offering different solutions, brandstation is easily adaptable to meet individual business requirements. Our on-demand solution gives businesses the control of choosing the features they want with a simple, rapid set-up and integration that can take as little as 10 minutes. It gives clients the opportunity to start small and scale up their network.