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Contributor Guidelines

What is iMedia Connection?

iMedia Connection is an online publication dedicated to fostering community and leadership among current and aspiring senior-level digitally focused marketers. It advances the industry and builds careers by informing, inspiring, and involving its readership. Much of its content comes from industry experts and innovators who share this mission.

The iMedia Connection Audience

iMedia is dedicated to building relationships among senior-level (director and above) digitally focused marketers and the vast community of vendors that serve them. As means of cultivating the next generation of executives, iMedia Connection also serves aspiring senior marketers via content designed to help advance careers and spark passion around the industry.

Content Goals

The content on iMedia Connection advances the marketing industry and builds careers. Content on iMedia Connection drives these relationships and goals in the following ways:


iMedia Connection is not a news publication. It is a views publication. Rather than breaking news, it makes news relevant by drawing in industry voices to comment on and speculate on the implications of industry trends and developments. It does so via:

  • Thought leadership articles identifying current or emerging challenges within the industry and outlining a path forward
  • Timely posts written by industry authorities on the implications of recent news


iMedia Connection is a place for industry leaders to draw inspiration that can translate to improvements in their own efforts. Such inspiration appears on iMedia Connection in the form of:

  • Educational case studies of successful campaigns at leading brands, written by brand leaders themselves under the guidance of iMedia editors
  • Trend overviews and strategic guidance on a vast array of industry topics
  • "Best of" (and in some cases, "worst of") industry wrap-ups that are used to illuminate best practices
  • High-level opinion pieces that challenge industry conventions and call for reform


Unlike the vast majority of marketing publications, iMedia Connection is an online community designed to support and advance the industry itself. It does so by:

  • Serving as a thought leadership publishing platform (article and videos) for senior-level marketers and the top-tier vendors that serve them
  • Providing vital tools (People Connection and Resource Connection) that enable community members to research and connect within their industry

Article criteria

Articles published on iMedia Connection must be exclusive and non-promotional in nature. If written by a representative at a vendor company, the topic and execution of the article should in no way suggest, either directly or indirectly, the need to purchase the services of that vendor or another like it.

While we are open to our contributors using their work to illustrate a point, any client examples must be balanced (and ideally outweighed) with examples from other companies in the space. In short, if the article won't make sense without your company in it, it's not a good fit for iMedia Connection. Case studies are the occasional exception, though these must be authored by brand leaders and be written in an educational, rather than promotional, manner. 

How to contribute articles

iMedia editors prefer to work with authors at the initial conceptual phase of an article, rather than reviewing completed drafts. If you have an article that you'd like to contribute, or would like to suggest a potential writer who can cover a range of issues, please reach out to an iMedia Connection editor with your idea, including an outline or abstract of your concept and the main points you plan to discuss. Inquiries can be submitted here.

Article specifications

All articles appearing on iMedia Connection will be edited and returned to authors for review prior to publication. Headlines often change in the editing process, so please be aware. General guidelines for articles include:

  • Articles should be submitted as Word documents. iMedia Connection generally follows Associated Press style, with some exceptions noted in its own internal style guide.
  • Target length: 600-900 words for feature stories; 1,000-1,600 words for cover stories. Keep in mind that these are only general guidelines. Your article can be as brief or lengthy as you need to provide a clear perspective on your selected topic.
  • Again, iMedia Connection only publishes original content. Please do not submit anything that has run or been submitted elsewhere. Likewise, we do not accept thinly veiled commercials for companies or individuals.
  • When submitting an article, please also submit: a high-resolution (at least 300 dpi) headshot of the author and a brief author bio, including email address and company URL, when applicable. Please also include the author's Twitter handle and company Twitter handle, when applicable. Please note: We do not share or publish our authors' email addresses. They are used to register their unique bio in our People Connection system and ensure authors are notified when comments are posted on their articles.