Greg Kihlström

3 forgotten demographics you should be watching

Marketers are always talking about Millennials, but there are other important demographics worth watching. Here are three groups to keep your eye on.

Maria Elmqvist

How to connect with Generation Z

The new generation of teenagers has a lot of influence on consumer buying patterns. Here's how marketers and brands can successfully connect with this unique group.

Samantha Skey

5 lessons marketers can learn from Millennial women

There are many factors that differentiate Millennial women from their generational counterparts. Here are a few truths you can rely on to better understand this demographic.

Samantha Skey

5 lessons marketers can learn from millennial women

There are many factors that differentiate Millenial women from their generational counterparts. Here are a few truths you can rely upon when trying to understand this demographic.

Kendall Allen

Multi-cultural marketing: Powerful insights and examples

Are you still struggling with multi-cultural marketing? Here are some key trends and compelling brand examples that will have you rethinking your approach.

Matt Jacobs

7 brands that Millennials love (and why)

Millennials require the most individualized advertising ever. Here are the brands that are doing a great job reaching so-called Generation Connected.

Jeff Roach

The latest strategies for engaging the youth demographic

Although kids' attention spans might be shorter, their spending power is more significant than ever. Here's how to nurture your brand's relationship with this challenging demographic.

Jeff Weidauer

5 tips for e-tail marketing to Millennials

What is the right approach to appeal to Millennials without resorting to one-size-fits-all schemes that drive Baby Boomers away? Here are the essentials.

Susan Viamari

5 tips to successfully market to Millennials

As a demographic, Millennials pose unique challenges to marketers. Here are actionable tips to help you reach these "always connected" shoppers.

Jim Nichols

7 reasons people think you're too old to work in digital

Are you too old to work and succeed in digital? Here are the reasons why those around you might think you are -- along with concrete ways you can prove them wrong.

Eric Anderson

The 5 myths of marketing to Millennials

You'd be surprised how much of the hype surrounding Millennials is total hogwash. Consider these common misconceptions.

Jim Nichols

5 ways to captivate every generation

Reviewing Boomer, Millennial, and Gen X profiles can help you refine your marketing efforts. Here's how to appeal to all of your potential customers.

Brent Wheeler

How to connect with digital's fastest growing demographic

Marketers can't afford to ignore the critical -- and growing -- market segment of seniors. Read on to ensure you don't miss the chance to connect with this diverse group.

Dita Quinones

3 brands that lost -- and won back -- Latinos

Forming a bond with U.S. ethnic groups isn't easy for marketers -- one misstep can put them in PR hell. Find out how three brands repaired their blunders and regained this coveted demographic.

Vijay Pullur

Why mingling with millennials is vital for your business

Tapping into this lucrative demographic and its significant purchasing power is an essential part of marketing in today's climate. Here's how to do it.

Carol Phillips

The unprecedented potential of Millennial marketers

It's impossible to effectively target Generation Y without including them in the process. Here's why these "super consumers" are the future of our profession.