Chris Tanner

The dangers of being blinded by the trendy QR code

QR codes can engage consumers, but they are only one part of the big picture. Learn how to make the most of these codes in the context of the broader mobile marketing mix.

Chris Marriott

Why the email inbox is the new DVR

Just because a subscriber doesn't open your email right away doesn't mean it's a lost cause. Learn how to adapt your strategy for today's "time-shifting" email recipients.

Adam Kleinberg

4 new reasons to redesign your website

Your next website should be crafted with the recent revolutions in online behavior in mind. Here are the foundational attributes that should define how your site is designed and constructed.

Jason Kreidman

How to optimize your business for local search

The importance of local search is growing, and it is imperative for your business to get in on the action now. Here are some practical tips to going local on "the big three" -- Bing, Yahoo, and Google.

Frank Defino Jr.

Emerging technologies to help your direct mail

New technologies like QR codes and personalized landing pages are transforming digital campaigns. Find out why you should start using them today.

Courtney Nowicki

How to extend the life of the banner ad

There's a certain advantage to sustaining the life of your Super Bowl ads, but shouldn't the rest of your campaigns add the same value? Here are some tips for creating a handy catalog of your creative.

Christina Goodman

New opportunities in display advertising

Display formats are constantly transforming, and many new ones are emerging. Here are a few trends that are likely to catch on more widely this year.

Wendy Roth

4 ways to get more email delivered

Even if you've already launched your first holiday-themed campaign, you've still got time to make these strategic improvements to boost your deliverability.

Chris Marriott

The successors of dead email best practices

If marketers call something a best practice, and no one actually does it, is it really a best practice? Let's look at a few often-ignored principles, as well as their practical replacements.

Jonathan Richman

The world's worst digital marketing advice

Not all the advice being spread around conferences and in blog posts is rooted in sound logic. Steer clear of anyone you hear spewing these nine little gems.

Brian Deagan

Why direct digital marketing matters

Direct digital marketing fuses several key marketing components to create a more targetable, measurable, and relevant strategy. Find out how it can do all this -- and still lower your marketing budget.

Anna Talerico

Why conversions are more important than clicks

Great campaigns aren't truly successful if consumers aren't converting. Learn why your conversion rate might be the most important metric of all.

Christopher Petix

An easy solution for finding qualified leads

Bulk lead generation is quick, but bad leads can be costly for your campaign. Here's a way to get targeted leads that are already interested in your brand.

Andrew Stern

8 ways to improve your click-through rate

Sometimes the smallest changes can increase the amount of traffic you drive to your website. Here are some tips for both advertisers and agencies.

Tim Surowiecki

The new rules for direct response advertising

Consistent improvement of conversion and click-through rates are the building blocks of success in DR, and it begins with the active and daily management of four key campaign components.  

Josh Gordon

How to build more-complete customer profiles

Is your marketing organization able to connect the dots when it comes to customer data? Here are the top four benefits of using a universal profile management system.