iMedia Editors

How did programmatic get a bad rap?

Programmatic buying has gone mainstream, but certain stigmas still remain. How did this begin? Discover the genesis of these misconceptions.

Eric Krattenstein

Spam -- it's not what your consumers want for dinner

Just as they stay away from the mystery meat, your consumers want nothing to do with spammy emails. Avoid having your e-blasts wind up in the junk folder with these five tips.

Chris Marriott

3 companies that have you waiting by your inbox

How often do you eagerly await a promotional email? These brands have mastered the art of anticipation.

Spencer Kollas

9 email do's and don'ts for data-driven marketers

Building relationships with customers via email today requires that you get to know the human beyond the subscriber. Check out these guidelines to help you stand out in their inbox.

Tony D'Anna

3 steps to better customer personalization

Personalized email marketing is no longer a luxury -- it's a necessity. Follow these three steps to establish your brand's own customer-centric messages.

Tony D'Anna

How to craft the perfect birthday message

Show your appreciation and earn customer loyalty with these four tips for unforgettable birthday emails.

Chris Marriott

Things I never again want to hear in an RFP presentation

For better or worse, the marketing world is driven by hours upon hours of sales meetings. If you're pitching business, you'd do well to purge these 10 gems from your script.

Vivek Sharma

How to transform email marketing with a strategic shift

Despite consumers' propensity for ignoring emails, email continues to deliver high ROI. See three ways marketers can boost results even further with support from the right technology.

Spencer Kollas

Deliverability begins and ends with your data

Poor deliverability can greatly impact your brand and your bottom line. Find out how strong data can keep you at the top of your customers' inbox.

Chris Marriott

4 email landscape updates you need to know

It's essential for marketers to understand the tectonic shifts that have been occurring in the enterprise ESP space. Consider this breakdown of how certain types of vendors now approach the world of email marketing.

Chris Marriott

The marketing email that (almost) went horribly wrong

With great power comes great responsibility. What follows is a cautionary tale from the annals of email marketing that almost had a very unhappy ending.

Spencer Kollas

How customer-centric is your email deliverability strategy?

It's crucial to understand how your messages are being filtered and why the tactics that have worked in the past may be less effective now. Find out what your email campaigns might be missing.

Chris Marriott

The email marketing landscape of 2015

Email marketers face numerous challenges, many of which are different today than they have been in past years. Let's take a deeper dive into some new findings.

Chris Marriott

4 surefire ways to botch your RFP

Many companies botch their RFPs before they've even begun. Learn how.

Mark Brown

Common marketing emails that no longer work

Are your emails getting fewer responses than the unpopular kid during prom season? You're probably using an outdated strategy that's blocking the action.

Chris Marriott

3 hot email companies you should follow

Even if you have an ESP that you love, it doesn't hurt to know what others are doing in the space. Our expert weighs in on a few players to watch.