Chris Marriott

The email marketing landscape of 2015

Email marketers face numerous challenges, many of which are different today than they have been in past years. Let's take a deeper dive into some new findings.

Chris Marriott

4 surefire ways to botch your RFP

Many companies botch their RFPs before they've even begun. Learn how.

Mark Brown

Common marketing emails that no longer work

Are your emails getting fewer responses than the unpopular kid during prom season? You're probably using an outdated strategy that's blocking the action.

Chris Marriott

3 hot email companies you should follow

Even if you have an ESP that you love, it doesn't hurt to know what others are doing in the space. Our expert weighs in on a few players to watch.

Ian McGrath

Why your email marketing campaign failed

There's a lot to consider when analyzing your email failures. Check out where you may have come up short and how to address them moving forward.

Christopher Marriott

The 10 most innovative emails of 2014

Email marketers use all sorts of strategies to capture the attention of their recipients. Find out which ones were the best of the best this year.

Jose Cebrian

How to find your email success partners

When it's inevitably time to find a new email platform, make sure the effort is worth your while with these valuable tips.

Chris Marriott

5 surefire email tips for a great Christmas

Don't let your email marketing land you on the naughty list. Take a look at this advice for stress-free holiday campaigns. 

Chris Marriott

How to stay competitive in the email RFP process

When a client is choosing among email services providers, sometimes the smallest requirement will sway a decision. Read how a classic fairy tale can help your brand.

Mark Brown

5 reasons to use automated email

Email automation can reach new leads and help brands tailor content to a specific person. Here's why you should already be using it.

Sandy Gibson

How big data can enhance B2B email marketing

If you're neglecting first-party data, you're overlooking a huge marketing opportunity. Here's what your email content -- and consumers -- might be missing.

Christopher Marriott

5 steps to take before you start an email RFP

Embarking on an RFP requires making smart decisions to ensure the process runs smoothly. Here's a short list to get your journey started.

Chris Marriott

3 "I'm ready to buy" signals marketers must recognize

Subscriber behavior changes right before a person makes a purchase. Here are three of the things people do when they shift into "buy now" mode.

Mark Brown

6 sins that email marketers commit every day

There are a slew of common mistakes that the majority of email marketers make, but here are the top culprits. Are you guilty?

Christopher Marriott

7 ways your world would be different without email

Professional and personal life would be very different without email. Let's take a look at both the good and the bad of that alternate reality.

Christopher Marriott

5 destructive email habits you need to break

Email is dangerous in the wrong hands. Here are the things that marketers are doing -- on purpose -- that can destroy their professional reputations.