Christopher Marriott

3 tasks you should outsource to your ESP

Certain facets of email marketing are best handled by ESP partners. Are you properly leveraging this relationship?

Christopher Marriott

The thing that email's critics just don't understand

In marketing, we often mistakenly inflate the importance of one particular publisher and downplay the channel of communication itself. This is why we need to think differently.

Thom Robbins

Essential tactics for increasing leads and conversions

Segmentation works seamlessly with personalization to create a very effective marketing strategy. Here's how to implement these processes in a way that will drive sales.

Christopher Marriott

Email promises to make for 2014

Here are six goals you should set for your email marketing this year. If you accomplish even one of them, you will see immediate results.

Andy Batten

The importance of celebrating A/B testing wins

Reveling in your wins can easily be glossed over, but there are benefits to high-fiving your team. Here are a few to keep everyone cheering.

Christopher Marriott

Accepting the ESP identity crisis

Email is still the most effective marketing channel out there. Here's why you shouldn't let the frequent name changes fool you.

Monique Torres

4 tips for growing your email list

To find success, your emails must reach customers who actually want to hear from you. Here are the tried-and-true practices for growing your list.

Christopher Marriott

Why email marketing is better than fantasy football

Although email marketing is tough, it has redeemable qualities that can make even your favorite hobby seem tedious. Here are the three reasons why email marketing is more enjoyable than fantasy football.

Christopher Marriott

The 10 most innovative marketing emails of 2013

Email marketers employ myriad strategies, from coupons to newsletters to daily deals. Get ready for the best of the best in email marketing.

Jason Warnock

How to overcome email deliverability problems

For email marketers, deliverability issues can be a nightmare. The good news is that there are several simple ways to overcome common hurdles.

Christopher Marriott

7 rules of content marketing in email

Your messages shouldn't just be relevant. They should be anticipated. Here's how to look at your email program through the eyes of your subscribers.

Dela Quist

4 ways Gmail's new ads will change email marketing

Google has introduced sneakily designed ads to replicate the format of a traditional email. What does this mean for email marketers?

Christopher Marriott

The overlooked content marketing opportunities of email

Your email team has more content available to it than you probably realize. Here are the three areas to examine.

Christopher Marriott

3 reasons a home-grown email solution will make you cry

The decision of whether to build your own email solution or outsource to a vendor can be complicated. To save yourself unnecessary grief, consider these common problems with going out on your own.

Adam DeGraide

The surprising power of opt-out email campaigns

With so many marketers vying for opt-ins, the thought of creating a campaign geared toward opt-out subscribers might seem like a death trap. In reality, it can be an amazing opportunity.

Christopher Marriott

How to prevent an email RFP disaster

Email marketers know that the request for proposal process can be a nightmare -- or just a total bore. Here are the tips both marketers and ESPs need for success.