Chris Marriott

3 impressive email companies you need to follow in 2016

Get to know which businesses will be making groundbreaking moves this year.

Chris Marriott

The 10 most innovative emails of 2015

Email marketers pull out all the stops to capture customers' attention. Take a look at last year's best of the best.

Kim Stiglitz

How to drive holiday sales with email marketing

With email volumes increasing exponentially this time of year, you need to stand out in shoppers' inboxes. Try out these helpful tips for successful marketing this season.

Neil Rosen

The 3 steps of email retargeting

Brands should be taking advantage of the most powerful and cost-effective method for retargeting: email. Learn to engage consumers who abandon the funnel.

Pascale Guay

How to stand out in the Gmail Promotions tab

While Gmail's creation of multiple tabs initially sent marketers in a frenzy, we're beginning to see the positive impact of this shift. Read on to learn how marketers can use the Promotions tab to their advantage.

Chris Marriott

4 better-than-best email practices for the holiday season

The holiday shopping craze is about to begin. Are you ready? Get an early start this season by employing the following essential email marketing tactics now.

iMedia Editors

How is the IAB addressing programmatic?

We are rewriting the rules with the advent of programmatic buying. Here are some ways the IAB is helping marketers.

iMedia Editors

3 practical ways publishers can protect programmatic inventory

Maintaining high standards in programmatic is a hot topic right now, and publishers actually have a lot of control. Discover easy ways to ensure inventory is of superior quality.

iMedia Editors

Will last-click attribution ever die?

Although the digital world has changed drastically, attribution analysis has been stuck on the last click for years. Discover some major flaws of this mindset.

Chris Marriott

The rise of the independent email agency

When should you use an independent email agency vs. an in-house email agency? There are a few things you need to consider before making your decision.

Brigitte Donner

5 rules for the new era of email marketing

Email has been around a while, but the rules are constantly changing. Check out what's important now.

iMedia Editors

How did programmatic get a bad rap?

Programmatic buying has gone mainstream, but certain stigmas still remain. How did this begin? Discover the genesis of these misconceptions.

Eric Krattenstein

Spam -- it's not what your consumers want for dinner

Just as they stay away from the mystery meat, your consumers want nothing to do with spammy emails. Avoid having your e-blasts wind up in the junk folder with these five tips.

Chris Marriott

3 companies that have you waiting by your inbox

How often do you eagerly await a promotional email? These brands have mastered the art of anticipation.

Spencer Kollas

9 email do's and don'ts for data-driven marketers

Building relationships with customers via email today requires that you get to know the human beyond the subscriber. Check out these guidelines to help you stand out in their inbox.

Tony D'Anna

3 steps to better customer personalization

Personalized email marketing is no longer a luxury -- it's a necessity. Follow these three steps to establish your brand's own customer-centric messages.