Will Cohen

Why augmented reality will change how we shop

iMedia's Best 2015 Content: The AR experience engages users wherever they shop. Here's why this trend is here to stay -- and how it benefits marketers and consumers alike.

Karen Macumber

4 tech trends modern marketers can't ignore in 2015

There's a lot of game-changing technology on the horizon. Where should you invest your time and money?

Bethany Simpson

18 CES innovations that marketers need to watch

From health-tracking devices to flying selfie cams, marketers can't afford to ignore this year's newest tech debuts.

Ian McGrath

5 cloud computing tools that have influenced marketing

The growth of cloud-based technologies has changed the way marketers do business. Here are the tools that made a difference.

Mark Brown

3 Gmail innovations to watch out for

Google has revolutionized email use in many ways, and it still has a lot planned for the future. Here's what's on the horizon.

Karen Macumber

4 intuitive rules when approaching beacon technology

Although it's still early in the game, there's no doubt that proximity marketing will have a dramatic impact on advertising and retail. Here are some practical tips to put you ahead of the competition.

Jennifer Marlo

How to craft innovation from new technologies

The most inventive marketers always keep the latest tech advances top-of-mind. In this Q&A, Laston Charriez, SVP marketing, Western Union, discusses the respective roles of CMOs, consumers, and partners.

Marina Sanchez

4 ways to score in Latin American markets

The World Cup marks the beginning of endless marketing opportunities -- not only in Brazil, but also in its neighboring countries. Here are the best practices to consider.

Brad Berens

4 tech innovations changing the marketing landscape

Thanks to the rapid rise of smartphones, the internet now comes with us through every step of our daily journeys. Here's where technology will take us next.

Tom Edwards

What advertising will look like in 2020

We are in the midst of an innovation revolution. Here's where the marketing world will be in a few years.

Franchesca Nguyen

What is the future of data-driven creativity?

Consumer needs and behaviors are constantly changing, and agencies must fight to keep up. In this Q&A, Lori H. Schwartz shares insights on the latest trends in wearables, branded content, and more.

Devanshi Garg

How in-store tech is changing the shopping experience

Smartphones have already reshaped online shopping, and now the brick-and-mortar store is evolving. Here's how retailers are preparing to track physical shoppers.

Dennis Clerk

How publishers can fill the keyword data gap

Just like the cookie, the search keyword is a likely candidate for the endangered species list. So how will you target readers?

Jane Paolucci

How big data can lead to big loyalty

Customer-centric marketing can lead to big payoffs for your brand. Here's what you need to know to personalize the customer experience properly.

Scott Fasser

5 stages to unlocking social media's full potential

Are you using social media to persuade your target audience to buy? If so, this is a colossal mistake. Here's why.

Stacey Waxman

The hidden dangers of social media data

When it comes to sharing information online, security can easily be breached. But marketers have the power to set a tone of discretion when accessing consumer data. Here's how.