Devanshi Garg

How in-store tech is changing the shopping experience

Smartphones have already reshaped online shopping, and now the brick-and-mortar store is evolving. Here's how retailers are preparing to track physical shoppers.

Dennis Clerk

How publishers can fill the keyword data gap

Just like the cookie, the search keyword is a likely candidate for the endangered species list. So how will you target readers?

Jane Paolucci

How big data can lead to big loyalty

Customer-centric marketing can lead to big payoffs for your brand. Here's what you need to know to personalize the customer experience properly.

Scott Fasser

5 stages to unlocking social media's full potential

Are you using social media to persuade your target audience to buy? If so, this is a colossal mistake. Here's why.

Stacey Waxman

The hidden dangers of social media data

When it comes to sharing information online, security can easily be breached. But marketers have the power to set a tone of discretion when accessing consumer data. Here's how.

Trevor LaTorre-Couch

6 social media network updates that you missed

When it comes to updates, how often do you read the fine print? Let's take away the guesswork for you. Here's how the most recent changes made at Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn will affect your business.

Drew Hubbard

5 wildly creative campaigns you probably missed

Great work is done in our industry every day. So much, in fact, that some of it can slip by relatively unnoticed. Did you catch these recent winners?

Rose Haywood

The brands that are shining on Google Helpouts

Google Helpouts represents a new and almost entirely untapped way for companies to connect authentically with potential customers. Here's what you can learn from the program's pilot brand partners.

Ian Tenenbaum

A marketer's guide to multi-channel networks

Major brands are now partnering with multi-channel networks on YouTube. Here's what marketers need to know about this rapidly evolving space.

Michael Komasinski

How brick-and-mortar retailers can survive

In-store retailing requires powerful digital brand engagement that includes personalization -- at every level. Here's what the omni-channel future looks like.

Jason Alan Snyder

The future role of artificial intelligence in advertising

As machines reshape the notion of "consumer" in unimaginable ways, are agencies and clients ready for this shift? Here's how you can prepare.

Prasant Varghese

What Google's Chromecast means for marketers

Chromecast might seem like a device specifically for consumers, but advertisers will benefit just as much -- if not more -- from the innovative dongle. Here's why.

Denise Zimmerman

The most important shopper marketing trends to watch

The next big marketing revolution is going to occur in stores, not online. Is your brand positioned to capitalize on the latest retail opportunities?

Justin Gray

The plague of new marketing technology

The possibility of saving time with a new technology can be all too tempting to resist. Here's how to improve your existing tools instead.

Alex Jacobs

The startups that will redefine marketing

These nine companies represent the hottest trends in the ever-blurring areas of social, mobile, and content. Are they on your radar?