Jack Abbott is CEO of Interactivate, Inc., a San Diego-based integrated strategic marketing company with a branch office in Irvine, California. Since 1996, Interactivate has provided profitable business solutions and measurable marketing to many of the nation’s most respected brands.

Intrigued by a friend’s dotcom success, Abbott closed his flourishing apparel company and founded Interactivate in 1996. Realizing that most internet companies were technology providers, Abbott chose to focus on helping clients leverage the internet’s potential as a powerful, measurable marketing channel. Interactivate has since become one of Southern California’s largest independent marketing firms, with a client base that includes a dominant share of the residential builder sector. Abbott continues to serve as CEO and chief client advocate, playing a hands-on role in developing client strategies.

A San Diego native, Abbott is actively involved in local organizations including the Center for Reproduction of Endangered Species. He currently serves on the boards of the Zoological Society of San Diego’s Conservation Innovators Council and the Downtown San Diego Partnership.