Mark Stevens is the CEO of a world class, results driven

management and marketing firm, a best selling author, and

popular philosopher on the intersection of business and private

life. Never one to steer clear of hard truths, unconventional

wisdom or controversial commentary, Stevens shook the

marketing establishment with his Business Week best seller, “Your

Marketing Sucks” (Crown Business, 2003), and is redefining the

rules of business management in his new book, “Your

Management Sucks” (Crown Business, May 2006).

Stevens’ company, MSCO (, is an ROIfocused

marketing and management firm representing a stellar

roster of clients including Nike, Starwood, GE, Guardian Life,

Intrawest, Estee Lauder and many others. His latest book, “Your

Management Sucks,” turns traditional management dogma on its head by presenting a new framework for

growing businesses of all sizes and empowering careers through the application of a unique and powerful

philosophy based on challenging “the oxymoron of conventional wisdom.”

A self-made man, Stevens has developed one of the most innovative, effective and iconoclastic ways of

looking at the world of business, the business of living and how the lessons of both can be applied to

achieve extraordinary personal growth and success. He is the author of more than 20 books including the

best sellers: The Big Eight; King Icahn; Sudden Death: The Rise and Fall of EF Hutton (a Wall Street

Journal bestseller and Library Journal “Business Book of the Year”); and the enormously popular Your

Marketing Sucks, which continues to sell briskly in paperback and is enjoying bestseller status in China.

Mark Stevens is a gifted promoter backed by the resources of his high-powered firm, MSCO. Represented

by the Lavin Agency, Stevens delivers more than 40 speeches annually and is a regularly featured media

commentator, lending his insights and opinions to everything from Tom Cruise’s image for Fox News

Channel/“The Big Story with John Gibson,” to Kate Moss’s personal crisis (The New York Post/Page Six),

and Why Successful Business People Don’t Sleep (The New York Times). Steven’s wildly successful blog,

“Unconventional Thinking” is read by more than 3 million readers.

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