Linda Eskin is a Senior User Experience Analyst at Red Door Interactive. Her goals are to increase conversions and retention, and reduce support costs, by making our clients' Web sites and applications work better for the people who use them. Her stand is that good usability is good customer service.

Before joining Red Door, Linda combined technical communication and programming skills with expertise in human behavior and usability. Projects included a CAD application, PC games, an e-commerce platform, a pay-per-click (PPC) bid/campaign management tool, a data backup/sync service, and of course Web sites.

Linda is a native and life-long resident of San Diego county. Her early interest in Human Factors Engineering took her to San Diego State University where she graduated with a degree in Psychology. She is a Competent Toastmaster. Her license plate says UI GEEK. She has a horse and two donkeys. Yes, donkeys.

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