Dan Wittmers is the Associate Director, Mobility for Initiative and the Founder & CEO of the Mobile Leaders Alliance, a company dedicated to the continued education and socialization of mobile professionals. Prior to his current roles, Wittmers held the position of Director of Sales for three separate companies. The first of which, MoVoxx, was a startup mobile ad network supporting SMS content and mobile display. During the first six months of his employment, he helped increase YOY sales, raking in $200K+ in revenue in the first quarter of 2010.

MoVoxx was acquired in late 2010 by Adenyo, a full service mobile agency based out of Toronto. While helping to educate his new company on the media side of the business, Dan received training in messaging, development, SaaS tools and predictive analytics. In 2011 Adenyo was acquired by Motricity for just over $100 million. 

During his tenure in mobile, Wittmers has had the opportunity to work with brands such as: MillerCoors, Hasbro, USAA, Arby's, Trane, Kroger, Visa, Subway, Paramount, Fox Home Entertainment, ABC and Mike’s Hard Lemonade. He is an up and coming professional in the industry and has a natural understanding of the entire mobile ecosystem.

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