Nancy Galanty is the Content Director for iMedia Summits at iMedia Communications. In her current role, Nancy is responsible for the editorial programming of more than 10 conferences each year. iMedia Summits serve the entire digital media ecosystem including Fortune 500 companies representing $5 billion annually in digital advertising, and their publisher and service provider partners. Need to know what´s going on in digital? Ask Nancy, it´s her job to know. Before iMedia Communications, Nancy headed marketing at CBS Interactive for Partner Accounts representing over $85 million in revenue. She was responsible for the development of innovative marketing programs across CBS Interactive´s portfolio of premier brands, account strategy and business development. Nancy also led domestic and international marketing for CNET Networks´ Global Accounts team creating digital advertising programs domestically, in Europe and Asia Pacific. Nancy started her career at Macworld Magazine and was quickly absorbed into the dotcom boom. She has been in digital marketing ever since in a variety of roles.

Summits Attended

iMedia Agency Summit

Partnership: The New Agency Value

iMedia Agency Summit

Niche is the New Black: The Future of Targeting and Reach

iMedia Breakthrough Summit

Your Mission: Innovate Beyond Traditional Search & Display!

iMedia Brand Summit

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