As VP of Marketing at LiveWorld, Virginie Glaenzer is no stranger to the budding landscape of social media. A driven social media and sales veteran in marketing, social media, digital and mobile, she brings a strong and diverse skill set to LiveWorld. Through the development and execution of highly successful integrated communication channel plans and platforms, she is a leader in traditional and non-traditional media strategies with a strong emphasis on social media, online communities and mobile. With over 20 years of experience in the U.S. and international markets, carrying longevity in management, sales and marketing for many high tech companies, Virginie is a seasoned business expert in SaaS and new technologies, even founding two software startups and encompassing authority as an entrepreneur, social media, mobile and digital marketing maven.

Prior to LiveWorld, Virginie was at the helm of mobile, social media and digital marketing with a focus on customer acquisition and brand awareness at iLoop Mobile before its acquisition. She worked at eCairn as VP Sales and Marketing where she launched cutting-edge social media platform to map social virtual communities and identify key influencers. Before this she worked at UserZoom, crafting and implementing profitable online and offline strategies. Prior to UserZoom, Virginie worked at Socket Mobile, where she was in charge of 150 nationwide vertical Industry Partners in Automobile, Healthcare, Retail and Hospitality and almost doubling portfolio revenue.

Through her experience consulting for Fortune 500 companies on social media and communities, Virginie was invited to share her knowledge in a public social enterprise 2.0 presentation: Virginie holds a master degree from HEC, one of France’s top 3 business schools, as well as a Major in Management, and a Minor in Business Administration.


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