Creator of ah-ha moments, initiator of paradigm shifts and a driver of organizational change. Jessica is an in-house SEO consultant that makes things happen - process improvement is Jessica's an innate skill.

Jessica is the CEO of, an enterprise-level SEO consultancy that guides organizations to build sustainable and scalable in-house SEO programs, overcome corporate politics and drive lasting change for smooth SEO integration and implementation.

Jessica is a leading expert and advocate for in-house SEO. She is known for getting in-house SEO programs up and running quickly, systematically and profitably. She tells it like it is, with candid, realistic, scalable advice about SEO strategy and sustainable in-house SEO programs.

Jessica is a marketer who comes from an IT background, which gives her a different perspective than many search marketers on how to execute SEO by integrating into existing systems and processes. Her diverse experience in project management, website usability, and process analysis gives her the insight to ask the right questions, in the right order, to identify the best approach for implementing SEO at your company.

Jessica isn't just a "tech geek"… an international speaker and columnist, she fluently speaks to marketing in one sentence and the tech team in the next, bridging the gap between both SEO requirements and how marketing and IT need to work together. Jessica is a marketing-to-IT translator.

Identified as one of the industry's top in-house SEOs, Jessica built in-house SEO programs for Yahoo! Inc., Enterprise Rent-A-Car and

Jessica graduated magna cum laude with a B.S. in information systems management from Washington University, holds a B.A. in international economics and management from Hiram College, loves foreign travel, kicks butt at the game Connect Four, and has been featured in The Art of SEO, the SEO Bible, and Marie Claire magazine.

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