Cate has a bachelor’s degree in Journalism from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.  Straight out of school, she joined Pan Am as a way to see the world.   As the Purser of a packed 747, Cate called for an emergency landing to get a sick passenger to the hospital. Realizing the value of calm confidence, she has continued to reap the benefits of effective communication and has used that skill during her years in sales. 

Cate strongly believes that the foundation to her success is her deep family roots.  Her husband is her rock, anchoring her success both in life and business, as they raise their two children.  She enjoys, and excels at, swimming – Cate was a lifeguard at UW.  Escaping from her hectic life, she does confess that she enjoys the solitude that swimming gives her. Perhaps she can give Susan some hints for her upcoming Triathlon.

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iMedia Brand Summit

Iconic Branding

iMedia Breakthrough Summit

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