Chris is the President and Founder of Marketing Democracy, LLC. Marketing Democracy provides email marketers with a range of consulting services around vendor selection (RFPs), vendor migration, and email marketing optimization.  Clients include Fortune 500 companies in the retail, publishing, insurance and travel & hospitality industries.  Representing 18-20 billion emails out to bid every year, Marketing Democracy has unparalleled insight into the pricing models and services quality of the leading enterprise email and multichannel service providers.

Prior to founding Marketing Democracy Chris built and ran the global agency services team at Acxiom.  Over time the group became a team of 250 with revenues of $70 million.

In addition to his role at Marketing Democracy, Chris sits on the Board of Directors for eDataSource, a marketing services company that collects, analyzes, organizes and archives millions of marketing messages, providing competitive intelligence and analytics to the email marketing community.  

My Articles

Tales from the RFP crypt

| Chris Marriott

As email has become more integrated into your marketing channels, the RFP process has become more complicated. See how to avoid these frightful pitfalls when it comes to selecting your ESP.