Boaz is a digital professional with years of experience as a developer. He was a Technical Product Manager at MediaMind, formerly Eyeblaster, and that’s where he found his true passion for Product Marketing. Boaz is in charge of all of MediaMind’s Rich Media products and is at the forefront of bringing the latest in video to MediaMind’s clients, globally. Boaz understands the many nuances of digital marketing and the challenges and opportunities that agencies face. He is an evangelist for driving the adoption of video as part of the marketing mix. 

In his current role, Boaz is responsible for overseeing all things video at MediaMind, including defining video strategy and execution, as well as initiating and following all video related marketing activities. Boaz has great vision for video products and brings invaluable insights on how to take them to market. Boaz holds a Bachelor of Science in Information Systems Management from the Ben-Gurion University in Israel.

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