If it can't move you, it can't be effective.
Sailesh is a firm believer in the ART OF PROVOCATION.

Championing this spirit for past 13 years in the business of Advertising, Brand Consulting and Marketing Communications.

He currently heads Strategic Planning function at Lowe & Partners, Malaysia.
Sailesh has the distinction of becoming the first Asian to win the prestigious Global Effie in 2009.

A proponent on New Age Media, his work has been applauded at numerous Global, Regional & Local Effectiveness & creative award shows.
Global Awards:
1: Global Effie 2009 [#1st for APAC], New York
2: Gold: WPPED CREAM Awards [WPP], London
3: WARC Hall of Fame 2009, London
APAC Awards:
1: UA&P Tambuli 2012, Manila
2: Gold APPIES 2010, Singapore
3: Asian Marketing Effectiveness Awards 2008 & 2009, Hong Kong
4: Promotional Marketing Awards 2009, Singapore
Country Specific:
1: Effies India 2010
2: Effies Sri Lanka 2009
3: Campaign of the Year, Chillies Sri Lanka 2009

My Articles

Just Flip-It!

| Sailesh Wadhwa

Nope, Nike's not changing its tagline, but maybe it is time we flip over our online engagement plans to the next level. In 2012, Coke, a century old brand championing its belief 'pause...