Patrick is CEO of dwinQ the real-world social media company. For event and sponsorship marketers, dwinQ is the social media engagement platform that deepens and extends event participation by turning every attendee into a brand champion

The dwinQ app creates fun social memories at events and venues by automatically capturing photos and activities and posting them in real time with no friction. More than 500,000 people use the dwinQ platform sponsored by brands like Facebook, Nintendo, Cadbury, Vail Resorts, Lexus and more.

Patrick is a technology visionary and serial entrepreneur. He started dwinQ to fill the void between social sharing and being fully engaged in a real world activity. He has started four successful technology companies and understands the future of technology and how it will impact business and life in a way that creates value and is truly 'making a dent in the universe." His vision has translated not only into successful start-ups but also more than half a dozen technology patents. 

Patrick has deep insight on social media marketing and has created a process called "Maneuver Marketing" based on special operations tactics. His application of Maneuver Marketing to social media has made him a highly sought after speaker.  His wife thinks he's a better speaker than Steve Jobs, you should really see him sometime live. He also likes to write. He has published two books by John Wiley and sons and has written on social media as a regular contributor for Social Media Today and CNBC. his guest articles have also appeared in Forbes and multiple other publications. He has been profiled by the New York Times, Smart CEO, CNN and others.

You can see his work at CNBC on Social Media. He also shows how the technology can change Social Media for Professional Sports Teams. 

Patrick received his bachelor of science from the University of New Hampshire, an MBA from the University of Virginia and also attended MIT for special technology training. He sits on the board of Trinity College Dublin's Business School and is active in several charities. He is a commercially rated pilot and was second in the 1996 Olympic Trials in the sport of rowing, after wining many national and international titles. 



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