Najwa Smith is the Director of Content Strategy for Rosetta, driving the strategic vision for content within the creative teams. She is passionate about all things creative and the process by which we make each user experience engaging, memorable, measurable and repeatable.
Najwa has spent the past 14 years developing and driving user-centric content initiatives from content strategy for the web, training and organizational development to the marketing and sale of education and training services. Najwa’s foundation in content design began by working for mastodons in the ERP space, then Silicon Valley start-ups and eCommerce and technology companies before diving into the Agency world to partner with traditional creative and user experience teams. Regardless of where she has been, Najwa’s focus has always been on the design of content that engages and educates.
When not at work, Najwa spends time on an endless list of DIY projects and, when she can get away, it’s to a new country, preferably with sun and sand, to explore new lands, cultures, food and undersea adventures

My Articles

Content Marketing Makes Its Mark

| Najwa Smith

Just as Content Strategy is making it into the mainstream as a web development discipline, a newcomer comes to town -- Content Marketing. This upstart has provoked discussion within the...