In April of 2008, Matt was named CEO of Omnicom Media Group Digital and tasked with developing the vision and roadmap for OMG’s digital solutions around the world. To accomplish this goal, Matt works closely with each OMG agency to ensure that their offerings include best in class digital marketing services. Matt first joined Omnicom Media Group in 2005 when the company he founded, search specialist Resolution Media, was acquired by Omnicom. Matt founded Resolution Media in 2003 and is a true veteran of digital media. Matt entered the industry in 1997 and in his career has both bought and sold media, developed direct marketing focused online advertising products, and lead teams and departments.

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Survey Says: Panama Kicks Butt

| Matt Spiegel

Resolution Media reveals that not only did surveyed marketers rate Panama highly, 48 percent of them plan to increase spending with Yahoo! because of it.