Entrepreneur and innovator, Neil Chaudhari has guided the direction and development of Propane Studio since its inception. During the past decade of growth and transformation, he and his expanding team have helped define what it means to be agile. In the process, the agency has become a trusted partner to leading and emerging brands in the automotive, fashion, financial services, hospitality, healthcare, and
technology industries.

As CEO, Neil inspires the creation of radically compelling digital experiences that leave a lasting impression. Drawing from his real-world background on behalf of globally recognized clients—Audi, Hitachi, Intel, Intuit, Kaiser Permanente, Macy’s, Whole Foods, and others—Neil maintains a deeply strategic vision for his clients’ brands that extends well beyond the digital space.

As a result, Propane Studio has earned a reputation for solving the really difficult communications challenges that modern businesses face. (He wouldn’t have it any other way). When he’s not working, Neil loves traveling the world with his three girls: wife and Propane partner Lilu, daughter Sana and pug Tara.

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