Dan Nuckolls is the creator of television and video (producing, directing, writing, editing, and creating motion graphics) for businesses to project the message of who they are and what they do for the people they serve. Dan uses video to help them communicate effectively.

While working with companies from Disney and Dreamworks, to ABC Television and local Television Stations, Dan has created an immense catalogue of experience. He excels in marketing, production, design, set creation, and overall creative areas for TV and video. His ability to enhance the current brand or create a new brand has proven to serve clients well and communicate their personality. It is what makes him a valuable asset to any project.

As a creative, Dan Nuckolls has been in almost every part of the entertainment industry, but his primary focus has been in the advertising and marketing arenas. He knows and understands how to put himself in the consumers’ shoes and to strive for what works while looking good.

Through Television, Web Video, Email Video, Social Media Video and Marketing, Dan reaches the public wherever they are.

Nuckolls believes the foundations for effective communications are personal connections, strong identity, and a clearly defined purpose. ”Have a reason for presenting your message, and present it in the right way.”