Jason Cohen, a professional real estate consultant, assumed the position of a leading investment entrepreneur after a much-less-than-ideal corporate world experience. In his established role as an innovator of the Pittsburgh multi-family home acquisition scene, Cohen has been the persistent force behind Jason Cohen Pittsburgh, a real estate consulting firm, as well as a pacesetting spokesman for the industry.  

Cohen's work at Jason Cohen Pittsburgh is fueled by his investment and managerial experiences, his passion for the real estate industry, and his avid attent to local market fluctuations.  Jason Cohen Pittsburgh is a conceptual company developed by Jason Cohen to provide local clients with insight into the real estate business according to their desired investments. 

Cohen is committed to the idea that individuals and real estate firms alike should have a say in how they are represented, and should have access to a set of resources for combatting manipulators of those with minimal knowledge or experience of the industry. Says Cohen, “In this era, [real estate consulting] is a good and necessary service to give people and companies control over a real estate transaction by feeding them experience-based knowledge that others either fail to disclose, whether it be by ignorance or deliberation.”

Cohen and the Jason Cohen Pittsburgh team is backed by 10 years of management experience in the real estate industry. His now-known character was defined during his complete transformation of a run down, dilapidated townhouse community in the heart of Bethel Park. With an A&E "Flip This House" mentality, Cohen became the face of exorbitant real estate transformations in Pittsburgh.

With his tireless work ethic, organization skills, and leadership, Cohen has proven himself to be an independent manager and business executive.  Cohen built and showcased his first-rate management abilities through his 8-year stint of managing 6 real estate firms, all of which he transformed from barely-breaking-even endavours to efficiently performing entities with a strong cash flow. Cohen then went on to lend his real estate expertise to Pittsburgh's Habitat for Humanity by giving them the necessary tools and resources to allow them to become of of the the only Western Pennsylvania charities offering roof repair services for those in need.  

Ultimately, Jason Cohen is credited with keeping Jason Cohen Pittsburgh at the top of the industry, in terms of "best-in-class" ideas and the most advanced acquisition strategies in the business. Cohen's chief reward is the chance to bring fairness and control to a buyer in the Pittsburgh real estate industry.