Max Bush has more than 10 years experience in the sector of affiliate marketing. He joined The Collinson Group in the UK in 2005 and, over the course of several years, imagined, built and implemented The Affiliate Gateway (TAG). He brought TAG to Singapore in 2012 and now concentrates on delivering its benefits to a growing number of merchants and affiliates operating in the region.

Max brings with him vital expert knowledge and skills to drive the affiliate marketing model throughout Asia Pacific. His ‘hands on’ involvement includes network operations and management, technical development, marketing, and client relationships.

In what little free time he has, Max is an avid gamer and a passionate supporter of Liverpool Football Club.

My Articles

Where's the value in a click?

| Max Bush

I’m going to have to agree with Andrew Goode’s article on “Hundreds of millions of online ads are “worthless,” posted on 17th May 2013. What surprises me most about marketers’ spending...