I’m the Chief Marketing Officer for one of the largest, privately-owned internet marketing companies in the world. I am a corporate entrepreneur every day, and coach my team this way. We’re a big company, but the focus is on getting impactful stuff done. And we do.

I don’t care if a lot of people never see my work, my team’s work, or the results of my team’s work. The people I care about seeing it already do – and most are living it right along with me.

I’m a published author. The Greatness Gap is a book that details personal strategies to maximize your professional career. Lou Holtz wrote the Foreword, and when the book came out it was one of my top 10 proudest days.

I preside over the national “Marketing Team of the Year“, awarded by the American Business Association.

I was formerly the Senior Vice President of Marketing at Playboy, the youngest senior executive in the company’s history. My team and I turned around the digital/e-commerce division and made it profitable after 8 years of not being profitable. The day I confirmed that we had our first profitable month ever was also a top 10 proudest day for me.

I was a Program Manager at MBI, Inc (aka The Danbury Mint) where I honed my direct marketing chops. I also led the team which founded the company’s e-commerce business.

I was a professional tennis player and have an ATP World Ranking in singles.

I ran 7 marathons. My best was Virginia Beach, VA (3:32:00) – 15 pounds ago.

I attended the University of Notre Dame, graduated with honors with a degree in Accounting, and was awarded the national Arthur Ashe Award given to one Division I tennis player for accomplishment, leadership and sportsmanship.

I was a 3-time high school All-American in tennis at Fairfield (CT) Prep and the #1 ranked doubles player in the country at age 17.

I grew up in Fairfield, CT and live in New York City and Chicago.

I’m a philanthropist and believe in corporate social responsibility. If you don’t believe me, google my name and “Advertising Age”.

I’m most passionate about trying to be known as a person who knows how to get things done in spectacular fashion – in an entrepreneurial way sometimes, and sometimes with the positives of a large company at my back; and am fascinated with balancing both aspects and succeeding.


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