Matt Poepsel is responsible for directing the Services section of Gomez, the Internet application performance management leader.


Poepsel’s work is part of a lifelong commitment to performance excellence. This commitment first became apparent when Matt was a high school student in Columbia, Missouri. As a varsity

Wrestler, he took on six foreign languages and put these prodigious skills to use as an Arabic Linguist. Matt worked for an elite U.S. Marine Special Forces unit deployed on the front lines in Somalia, Haiti and Bosnia. His job was to intercept, translate and decrypt Arabic radio communications in anti-terrorism and hostage situations.


He retired from the Marine Corps in 1996 after training the next generation of Arabic linguists, and enrolled at Boston University. Here he earned an MBA and a master’s degree in Management Information Systems. Upon graduation in 1999, he landed his first private sector position as a product manager at Gomez, Inc.


One of his first successes at Gomez was introducing the Last Mile Monitoring Service, which lets companies mirror their customers’ experiences by testing application performance from a globally distributed network of 12,000-plus real end-user desktops.


In 2004, Poepsel took on a major strategic undertaking for the company, conducting in-depth, face-to-face interviews with more than 100 customers to understand their most pressing needs for improving performance. This intelligence shaped the evolution of the company’s unique product set and spawned the development of Gomez’s new approach to Performance Excellence on the web.