MediaMath is the first online advertising exchange expert, partnering with modern media agencies to manage biddable display media. Diamonds, gold, silver, oil, copper and stock have all been traded openly and fairly for more than a century. Not media. Online advertising has been locked behind the doors of publishing companies, broadcast companies, and aggregators since the online channel was invented. No more. Exchanges are triggering a revolution in the way media is bought and sold.

Peter Niemi started his career with the Grey Healthcare Group. As Director of Technology he was responsible for all aspects of information technology throughout the company, including support, development and budgeting. In 1997, Peter founded GHG Interactive and ran it until he left GHG in 2000 (after over ten years at Grey) to accept a position as Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer at Torre Lazur Communications. This was the first position of its kind in the pharmaceutical advertising industry. In 2001, Peter co-founded a hybrid technology-advertising agency called Hyphen which, among many other revolutionary client projects, built a software package for managing clinical trial data and an online experience guiding consumers through the complex details surrounding the fertility treatment process. At Hyphen, Peter was able to further develop the vision of a multi-faceted software and services operation that leveraged cutting-edge technology tools to deliver new sources of differentiation for its clients. In 2005, Peter was elected Chairman of the Equity Committee for Xybernaut Corporation during Chapter 11 proceedings, and he continues to represent shareholder interests in ongoing lawsuits surrounding this company’s ultimate emergence from bankruptcy as a private company. In this role he is a key figure in the company’s attempt at reorganization, including a complete overhaul of the company’s strategy and positioning, arranging for DIP financing, and working with investment bankers in an attempted patent sale to generate the cash needed to rescue the company. Peter earned his MBA at Columbia Business School and a BA in English Literature from Columbia.